Heartful Psychotherapy

“I had the pleasure of having Mr. Kierulf as my therapist during one of my lowest points in life. I must admit that I put him on the spot but he accommodated me without a second thought, and did not rush the whole process. Even though I had trouble conveying what I wanted to say, he gave me enough time to be comfortable enough to share my thoughts. However, I think the most remarkable thing that he did during our session was offering a different insight on how I should try to look at things without sounding biased or judgmental. As a patient, I think this left a big mark on me since I felt that I was being heard, and that Mr. Kierulf was genuinely trying to help me get out of my self-destructive thinking. I firmly believe that had I not talked to him that night, I would still be wallowing in self pity and resentment. To sum it all up, I highly recommend him as a therapist and I have no doubt that he can help his patients.”